Want To Get Your Ex Back? Avoid These Behaviors!

Can’t seem to “get ur ex back”? Don’t give up just yet…

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Avoid these behaviors that kill second chances.

Going through a break-up is a tough time for everyone. This is the period where you are vulnerable and completely exhausted. Still, there is a feeling that you must fight for your failed relationship. Hold your horses, though. You must get your ex back without losing the respect for your ex-partner or your self-respect. You must plan things carefully to not blow your probably once chance to get your ex back.

Want to get ur ex back?

Want to get ur ex back?

Many people think that break-ups are not reversible, so they have to give everything they have to get their ex-partners back.  Avoid it as this is a fatal mindset that can ruin your chances of getting your ex back. So, before you start crying to breakup song lyrics, you must first know the things you must not do when your partner breaks up with you. They may be hard to follow, but they will do great things to you in the long run.

Here are some of the mistakes that many people commit during break-ups.

1.    Being too needy and clingy.

This is normal when you want to get back together with your ex. You might have been talking that your life will not be the same without your partner. While this feeling is inevitable, showing this to your ex-partner at this time is inadvisable. No one wants to be with a needy person. In the end, your ex-partner might lose the respect he has for you.

2.    The doormat syndrome.

What is the doormat syndrome? Doormats are frequently stepped on by people when they are walking into our out of the house. In relationships, being a doormat is letting your partner have his way, leaving you with nothing at all. When you let your partner step on your dignity, you are giving an impression that you do not respect yourself. Your ex-partner will not take long to figure this out, which will take away your chance to succeed.

3.    Treating love as if it is like a business deal.

Sure, selling your good characteristics will help you find a job or prospective clients, but this does not work when you want to get ur ex back. Your ex-partner did not break-up with you because he did not like your personality; he broke up with you with reasons deeper than just that. Saying things like, “You will never find someone like me,” or, “Take it or leave it. It’s your choice,” will make it seem that you are making a bargain with him. Chances are he will decline your offer, making you lose the deal. You cannot force logic to make someone love you. Your partner must realize what he is lacking before you have any chance to get ur ex back.

These are some of the mistakes that you might commit when you are trying to get ur ex back. There are several ways you can do to play this game properly so that you will get ur back in the quickest game possible. Love is a very serious game. When you do not execute your plans correctly, you will be the loser in the scorebook.


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