How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

Do you want to know how to get her back?

how to get her backAfter a break-up, you may find yourself looking for ways how to get your ex girlfriend back There can be several different approaches.  Not all of them, though, will bring you your desired outcome.  Here, you will only find guaranteed ways in getting your ex back to enjoy proven results.

There a few specific tricks and a couple of secrets that will definitely help to get her back. But first you have to analyze and understand some factors.

Factors to Consider

Learn about the factors that determine how to get her back.  Here are the top five factors to consider:

  1. Reason or cause of the breakup – there can be one (1) reason or cause, or a combination of several reasons or causes.  It can be your personal differences or conflict.  The breakup can also involve a third party as the cause.  Perhaps, one of you may have lost the spark or the romance and drifted away.
  2. Your attitude towards each other after the breakup- one of the main challenges on how to get your ex back is how to deal with your ex-girlfriend’s attitude towards the breakup.  It may be a little more difficult to handle an ex who ignores you or shows hatred.  It matters that you deal with your own negativities and stay positive as you win her back.
  3. Are you finding ways to get her back because you still love your ex-girlfriend, and you believe she still loves you?  If the feeling is there, it is worth the effort getting your ex backYou will also be able to know if your ex-girlfriend still loves you, as she will show some hints although subtle.  You have to recognize the hints and make your move.
  4. Never lose hope regardless that your ex-girlfriend is in the arms of new lover.  There is a great possibility that she is just seeking solace, and their relationship is not what you think it is.  Especially when the love between you still exists, your ex might just be diverting her attention to her new romance in trying to ease her pain and forget you.
  5. Make the right moves.  To get sure results to get your ex girlfriend back, what you do will largely determine your chances of reconciling with your ex-girlfriend.  Show maturity in winning her back.  Take away all negativities and signs of desperation, as you will only push her farther away.  Look at the situation as if you are starting to woo her all over again.

What to Do

These are the things that you can do to increase your chances to get her back:

  • Learn to accept the situation and from there move forward.  If you find that you are at fault, be courageous to apologize to your ex-girlfriend.  You do not have to go lengthy with your apology that might only end up with additional conflict.  Just sincerely apologize and give her the assurance that you will avoid hurting her feelings.
  • Start working on mending the broken relationship.  It may require that you give your ex-girlfriend some time and space.  Rebuild the romance in winning her back.  Show your ex that you have grown in maturity.  Prove to her that your relationship is worth another try.

Stay positive with your actions on how to get her back and you will surely get the results you desire.


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    i find it hard to believe we cant get togather. we only live less than a few miles away. I may have dropped the ball, a few times, but that is because i did not know or see how precious you really are. Hunny you may have doubts about me, but the forst time i seen your smile it blew me off my shoes, and talking to you felt good. please consider us , and start again.

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