How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Getting your ex back after an ugly breakup may seem very difficult… But if you find the right solution on how to get your ex girlfriend back it will be must easier.

how to get your ex girlfriend back

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

What you do after the breakup is important.  It will spell the difference between getting your ex back or losing her forever.  Here is how you can find the answer to the question of how to get your girlfriend back you carry in your heart.

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There can be different reasons and causes for a relationship to end with a bad breakup.  They can fall under any of these two categories: sole and aggregate.  It helps that you determine the cause of the breakup to be able to find the right solution on how to get your ex back.

­Identifying the Sole Causes

Sole – Causes that are single in nature and one that you can readily identify or recognize as the main cause of the nasty breakup.  Examples are the following:

  • Cheating on your ex-girlfriend
  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Deliberate neglect especially at the time your ex-girlfriend needed you the most

These causes are typically unforgettable especially on the part of the offended.  They often come with excruciating emotional pain.  It may be a little difficult get your ex girlfriend back with this type of causes because of the nature, but you can take advantage of the situation.

Since it is easier to pinpoint what the cause of the breakup is, you can resolve the problem on how to get your ex-girlfriend back by accepting your fault.  Ask for sincere apology and show your repentance.  When your ex sees the sincerity in your actions, she may just have to forgive you and consider taking you back into her life again.

Tiny Causes that Accumulate

Do not take petty quarrels for granted.  They have the ability to accumulate over time.  Determining the cause of your bad breakup is necessary to find how to get her back. When there is no single individual reason, it is more likely that small issues come together and lead to the explosion of the relationship.

These issues, when taken on their own, may appear to be trivial, but when they build as aggregate become extremely hurtful to the point of breaking up the relationship.  Examples are the following:

  • Being rude to your ex-girlfriend most of the time
  • Always showing up late on your dates
  • Frequent disagreements and arguments over trivial things

Getting your ex girlfriend back when you are dealing with aggregate causes may not work when you just tell your ex that you will change your bad habits and avoid getting into small fights with her.  This is because she may have already reached the boiling point with your repeated bad behavior.  What you can do to get her back is to show your assurance through action.

Evaluate your situation considering the two categories mentioned above along with other factors. You will know what went wrong in the relationship.  Identifying the sole cause or aggregate causes can lead you to finding the most appropriate solution on how to get your ex girlfriend back even after a bad breakup.


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