Get Your Ex Back – Top 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid

To guarantee results on how to win your ex back, you mustn’t commit some specific mistakes…

how to win your ex back

How to Win Your Ex Back

The thing is you keep on making the same mistakes as others do.  If you really want how to get back with your ex, you might as well avoid the pitfalls.  When you do, you will be able to boost your chances.  With the right moves, your ex will realize how important you are in her life, and will most likely be open to reconciling with you.

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Overcome Weakness with Strength

It is common with individuals nursing a broken heart to be weak.  This is one of the biggest challenges in getting your ex back.  Contrary to popular belief, men are more likely to show signs of weakness than women do after a breakup.  The thing is biology dictates that men should be strong enough for women to rely upon, including strength in emotions.  Meanwhile, women who become desperate after a breakup lose the respect of their men.

Both sexes should be able to overcome their weakness with their strength.  If you want to win your ex back, you should stop being a weakling and avoid falling into the trap of desperation with a broken relationship.  Desperation is the easiest route to lose your ex and all your second chances for reconciliation to oblivion.  Be strong, or at least appear to show signs of strength to earn the respect of your ex.

Top Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you allow yourself to be weak, you are at great risk of committing these mistakes.  To increase your chances of success to get your ex back, do your best to avoid the following:

  • Being passive and overly nice- This simply would not work especially with an ex-girlfriend who has a strong personality.  Your ex will see your passiveness as sign of weakness, and she no longer has the respect for a guy who says ‘yes’ all the time.

Earn the respect back.  Be firm with your decisions and actions.  You have to accept that conflict is a necessary ingredient in a healthy relationship.

  • Convincing your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to take you back – you cannot benefit from using persuasion as a strategy.  It will not work when you try to convince your ex to get back to you through reasoning.  You have to appeal to her heart.  You have to know how to make her respond through emotions.
  • Never beg for second chances – No matter how much you want to succeed on wining your ex back, never beg for second chances.  Wait for it to come naturally by doing what is appropriate.  What is appropriate is to do things maturely, show your ex how you have become a better person because of the breakup, and let her realize the value of your relationship.
  • Surrendering your power to your ex – the worst thing you can do is to give your ex all the power to control the situation.  It may be unconscious on your part but once you lose the will to live after a breakup, you are losing control.  If you want proven results in getting your ex back, stay in control of the situation.

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You should be able to learn how to avoid these mistakes.  There is help you can get online on how to win your ex back to ensure success.


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