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sexless marriage: text your romance back

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How come is it that love and sex are so frequently at odds? A marriage without sex is not any longer a taboo subject. You’ll be able to find lot of articles, books and forums about it  and are learning that it is not an uncommon occurrence at all. But I fundamental question remains: Is the marriage sexless due to the fact it falls short of love or is the opposite true? Does the lack of one can lead to the destruction of the other?  Or, have we just misinterpreted the connection amongst sex and love by wanting them to go together? For sure, there are a lot of married people that are in love that don’t have sex, whereas other people have sex without being in love…

Often, the stress of marriage is blamed. That’s probably the first clue. What stress? People long for relationships to enhance their lives, to love and be loved, to learn, to share and to grow. I mean, after all, it’s love. It should feel good. So what’s with the stress? Is it actually the reason or is it a symptom reflecting a deeper root cause? Because really, shouldn’t sex and love reduce life’s stresses rather than add to them? Maybe the problem is with the social construct of marriage itself. There are so many rules, so many ways you “have to be,” so many pretenses attached, is it any wonder that the roles forced upon husband and wife cause one to lose his/her appeal after awhile? If you’re acting out “happily ever after,” unhappily, it’s just not sexy.

I’m not saying all marriages are a bust. I think like many other things in life (if not all), it’s an 80/20 breakdown. Twenty percent of the time marriage is for love, the kind of love that excites sexual interest and where the restrictions of marriage don’t get in the way. My parents, an ex-boyfriend, my best friend and a coworker are in that twenty percent. The other eighty… well, you know, it seems obvious. In fact, in my own unofficial count, of thirteen couples I know, just three of them enjoy having sex with their spouses. That’s almost 25%.

It’s projected that around 15 to 20% of marriages are sexless. And that is after more than 50% of them crash and result in breakup…

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Although that’s acceptable that an in love couple can carry out their marriage without sex, most agree that a good sexual life can be a advantageous.

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