How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Getting your ex back after an ugly breakup may seem very difficult… But if you find the right solution on how to get your ex girlfriend back it will be must easier.

how to get your ex girlfriend back

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

What you do after the breakup is important.  It will spell the difference between getting your ex back or losing her forever.  Here is how you can find the answer to the question of how to get your girlfriend back you carry in your heart.

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There can be different reasons and causes for a relationship to end with a bad breakup.  They can fall under any of these two categories: sole and aggregate.  It helps that you determine the cause of the breakup to be able to find the right solution on how to get your ex back.

­Identifying the Sole Causes

Sole – Causes that are single in nature and one that you can readily identify or recognize as the main cause of the nasty breakup.  Examples are the following:

  • Cheating on your ex-girlfriend
  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Deliberate neglect especially at the time your ex-girlfriend needed you the most

These causes are typically unforgettable especially on the part of the offended.  They often come with excruciating emotional pain.  It may be a little difficult get your ex girlfriend back with this type of causes because of the nature, but you can take advantage of the situation.

Since it is easier to pinpoint what the cause of the breakup is, you can resolve the problem on how to get your ex-girlfriend back by accepting your fault.  Ask for sincere apology and show your repentance.  When your ex sees the sincerity in your actions, she may just have to forgive you and consider taking you back into her life again.

Tiny Causes that Accumulate

Do not take petty quarrels for granted.  They have the ability to accumulate over time.  Determining the cause of your bad breakup is necessary to find how to get her back. When there is no single individual reason, it is more likely that small issues come together and lead to the explosion of the relationship.

These issues, when taken on their own, may appear to be trivial, but when they build as aggregate become extremely hurtful to the point of breaking up the relationship.  Examples are the following:

  • Being rude to your ex-girlfriend most of the time
  • Always showing up late on your dates
  • Frequent disagreements and arguments over trivial things

Getting your ex girlfriend back when you are dealing with aggregate causes may not work when you just tell your ex that you will change your bad habits and avoid getting into small fights with her.  This is because she may have already reached the boiling point with your repeated bad behavior.  What you can do to get her back is to show your assurance through action.

Evaluate your situation considering the two categories mentioned above along with other factors. You will know what went wrong in the relationship.  Identifying the sole cause or aggregate causes can lead you to finding the most appropriate solution on how to get your ex girlfriend back even after a bad breakup.

4 Things You Need to do to Get Your Ex Back

Probably you’re constantly asking yourself: How to get my ex back? What can I do so he or she starts running after me?

There are things you can do to turn the tables around in getting your ex backYou do not have to do all the effort.  With the right moves, you can make your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend come running after you for reconciliation.

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WOMEN: Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Chasing After You MEN: Winning Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Here is how to get him back or her back into your life.

how to get my ex back

How To Get My Ex Back?

What You Need

Before you act upon getting your ex back, there are things you need to do, such as:

  • Understand why you and your ex-boyfriend have broken up.  The breakup can be due to either a single cause or multiple little causes that have accumulated over time.  Identifying the cause or reason for the breakup is crucial in finding your solution to get your ex back.
  • Evaluate the situation and see where you are at fault.  Learn how to accept your mistakes and gather your strength to send your apologies to your ex.  You do not have to explain why you are at fault and why you are apologizing as it can give way to more conflicts.
  • Get hold of your emotions.  You have to make sure that when you start doing things to get your ex back, you are in control of your emotions and the situation.  Otherwise, you may end up with more problems than one and fail to get your desired result. 
  • Remove the resistance of your ex from you and the situation.  This you can do by minimizing or abstaining from any form of contact or communication with your ex-boyfriend.  This is often where the difficulty lies, as there is so much temptation hard to resist.

Nevertheless, with the right strategies, you will be able to overcome the difficulty.

Get Him or Her Back Into Your Life

When you have complied with all the requirements above, it is time to get him or her back into your life.  It should not be a one-way street though.  You do not have to exert the effort solely.  You can do things that will make your ex wanting for the reconciliation himself and exert his efforts to win you back as well.

Here are some important tips to get your ex back:

  • Enhance your qualities that have attracted your ex-boyfriend the first time.  Improve your physical qualities.  Bring out your sense of humor.  Be the independent person that you are.  You just have to do these things naturally and avoid giving him the impression you are doing these things to get him back.
  • You cannot change your ex but you can change yourself and the way he feels about you.  If you want to know the answer to your question on how to get my ex back, it is crucial that you know the cause of the breakup or why your ex have agreed or initiated the breakup.  If you are clueless, you can seek help online.
  • How to get your ex back should not mean that you do the chasing for your ex to come back into your life.  Make him run after you, instead.  There are strategies to achieve this and you can get the resources to help you from online.

Here’s what you should do during your initial contact with your ex:

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You no longer have to worry about making all the moves to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back.  There are things you can do in your end to answer the perennial question of broken-hearted people “how to get my ex back?” and make him or her want you back into his life.

3 Simple Yet Powerful Steps How to Get Him Back

how to get back with your ex How to get back with your ex means taking three steps only. These steps are simple to do yet powerful enough to get you the results you want in getting your ex back. You just have to learn how to remain in control of the situation.  Controlling your emotions can prevent you from unnecessary mistakes that can only worsen the breakup.  Follow these steps to get your ex back.

Step 1: Get Away

From the situation, you will be able to learn something valuable when you rest your heart.  This means to detach yourself from the breakup and stop thinking about it even for a day.  You may be riding high in your emotions and this may cloud your good judgment.  Stop, rest, and allow your emotions to subside.  This will help regain your control over the situation and think about what to do how to get back with your ex.

Step 2: Abstain from Your Ex

It is natural to want to see and talk your ex back into the relationship.  This is especially true when the breakup is not mutual and initiated by your ex.  No matter how much the temptation is, you have to gather all your strength to resist any contact or communication with your ex for the meantime.

Here are some of the reasons it will do you more good to abstain from contact, and bolster your chances on how to get back with your ex:

  • Your emotions are still running high and communicating may just end up with more conflicts.
  • Your ex needs the time and space to realize your value.
  • Seeing or talking to your ex may lead to begging for a reconciliation but getting an adverse effect.
  • Your constant effort to communicate may lead to your ex’s annoyance and trigger your ex to end your relationship for good.
  • Without the control of your emotions, you may say or do things that will work to your disadvantage.  There is a high possibility to lose your self-respect and the respect of your ex.

Step 3: Strategize

While you allow time to mend your broken heart and to let your ex enjoy the privacy, you can think the right ways on how to get back with your ex.  Come up with an effective strategy that will attract your ex back into your life.  Here are some examples:

  • Know when it is the right time to see or talk to your ex.  Meet him in a place you used to hang out frequently as a couple.
  • Say the right words that will appeal to the emotions of your ex and elicit affirmative response.
  • Learn how to take cue from the gestures of your ex.  You will know your chances of getting back as your ex will drop hints.
  • Become a better person.  This applies to all aspects such as how you look (physical), how you act and behave (attitude), or how you handle yourself and deal with your emotions (maturity).

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You no longer have to keep on worrying how to get my ex back.  These three (3) simple yet powerful steps should already show you the correct path on how to get back with your ex and enjoy the positive results thereafter.