Getting Your Ex Back in 4 Simple Ways

There are three essential things you should do after a break up that can also work into the most effective ways to get your ex back.

ways to get your ex backThese things may be contradictory to what you have in mind, but they have worked wonders for most people who actually mustered up the guts to pull this off. Breaking up is never easy, and if you are having a hard time about it, your ex would most likely be going through the same ordeal. Giving each other time to pull yourselves together is the most sensible way of handling a break up.

The Basics

So, the first essential thing you should do after your ex walks out the door is to go incommunicado. It may not seem like a good idea, but it does have its advantages. When you refrain from talking to each other, you lessen, if not totally eliminate the chances of the two of you mindlessly flinging out hurtful words to each other. In moments of anger and great pain, we tend to say things we later regret. Taking a break from each other after a break up will give both of you time to calm your thoughts down so that you can eventually start thinking reasonably definitely one of the best ways to get your ex back.

Give Each Other Some Space

If getting your ex back means letting him go his own way for quite some time, then you will have to endure it. Step two of the essential ways to get your ex back is to keep breathing. A bit of exercise will do you good. Eating a healthy meal will make you stronger. Indulging in your other passions and hobbies will keep you sane enough until such time that you can finally face your ex. Let about a month pass before re-opening the lines communication between the two of you.

Pace Yourself

If you want your operation to be successful, keep yourself from blurting out right away that you want to get back together. You will have to view this process as another round of courtship and eventual reconciliation. When you finally communicate with your ex again, try to be civil about it. Express your intention of wanting to keep in touch, even as friends and work from there. The secret of how to get your boyfriend back is not so much the strategy, but the time that you are willing to give the process to move through its own motions.

Ways To Get Your Ex Back – What To Do If You’re Friends With Your Ex

Here’s exactly what you should do if you’re friends with your ex:

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The Art of Playing it Cool

This is the third essential thing that you need to remember to rekindle a lost romance. You need to play it cool, and not let on too much about your ulterior motive. By being a companion to your ex, you are giving him a chance to see you in a different light, and you need to use this to your advantage. You should not let him feel you are leading him into something he never wishes to come back to. Rather, with these three effective ways to get your ex back, remind him of what he has lost when he broke up with you, and of what he stands to gain now that you are back in his life.


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