What to Do When Dealing With Breakups

dealing with breakups

Dealing with breakups

The heart-rending emotions felt aren’t easy to describe coming from one without first-hand knowledge. You would feel a mixture of sorrow, anger, fear and determination in getting your ex back. You would be driven to seek help from different sources. Fixing a broken relationship makes you do all that’s possible to bring back what you’ve lost.

Tips When Dealing with Breakups:

When relationships hit rocky grounds, it’s not the end of the world. As long as there is hope, you will find ways of dealing with breakups. You may go at it alone or with the help of family and friends. Seek not to lose faith if the response you get is not as desired. Some tips are provided below to help you work on your relationship in crisis:

Tip #1: Be Contrite

If you have been unfaithful or have done other hurtful acts against your wife or partner, ask for forgiveness. Don’t just let the event or situation pass as if nothing happened. An honest apology is expected from you. No matter how angry she is, continue to show her just how sorry you are. Be sincere and truthful in saying the words and communicating what you feel.

Tip #2: Listen

The conversation should not be one sided with you doing all the talking. It should be two way. If and when your lady love accepts your apology, just let her talk and share what she feels. Go beyond hearing; truly listen to what she has to say. You can react and respond more sensitively if messages are clear.

Tip #3: Do as Promised

If you promise to rectify past actions and promise never to do them again, do so. If you think you can find ways in the future of keeping wrongdoings from your lady love, think again. The truth always comes out, sometimes at inopportune moments. If you have intentions of not being faithful, don’t say the words. Think hard if you truly want to get your ex back and act accordingly.

Tip #4: Give More

If you truly love your partner, you can give more of yourself. ‘Giving’ means opening up and allowing your lady love to know more about you, deepening your relationship to another level. Sometimes, dealing with breakups means challenging status quo. This is to pave the way for something better. Better understanding provides better awareness and improved communication.

Tip #5: Don’t Let the Past Control Your Future

Couples should go beyond the past to achieve a hoped-for future. Wrongs of the past can serve as lessons but should not be used in future conflicts. To do so would not help your relationship grow in any way. To deal with separations requires maturity. Constantly open lines for help.

Tips are only good if you can implement them. Select those that fit your situation best. Finally resolving the issues in getting your ex back may even lead to a relationship state where dealing with breakups need never happen again.

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